Ever looked at the higher ranking jobs of your close relatives including Chacha, Taya , Phupha etc. & when you ask their qualifications most of them have done just bachelors in late 70’s or 80’s. The question is if we get graduated today, are we able to secure a job in those organisations? forget bachelors even if you are masters you won’t be getting an entry level job in there.

The job that used to require a B.A back in 80’s now requires M.A or even more, not just in Pakistan this is situation is applicable globally, the world is in process of academic inflation & whole structure of public education is messed up, there were no public school system before 19th century, they were invented to cater the needs of industrialisation.

This academic inflation will get worse in days to come. UNESCO published a research in 2007 stating that in coming 30 years more people will be graduated than total number of graduates every existed on our planet, the whole system of public education system is shifting beneath our feet.

While the top thinkers of the world are suggesting ways on how to transform this failing public school system, our generation is lucky enough to have freelance economy.

If you are graduated recently or going to be graduate anytime soon then don’t get yourself demotivated from this shift, You should rather be relaxed, because this scenario is beginning new era for freelancers.
Go online, learn new skills, start some projects ( & fail ) nobody is going to ask your GPA or how many times you got failed in doing anything that matters. The only question that is going to make a difference is “Does your work is worth talking about ?