Coke Studio Pakistan was one of the best marketing / branding campaigns, It was launched in 2008 and till now just on youtube it is viewed by more than 260 million people so far. They have gathered all the diverse musical influences of Pakistan including classic, folk, bhangra, sufi & contemporary hip hop, rock and pop music, they invited top artists & singers from Pakistan & outside to perform in their show. No doubt Coke Studio was a big hit .

Nescafe on the other hand waited for 4 years and in 2012 they launched Nescafe Basement but they didn’t hired the best artist , singers rather they did something opposite, they conducted university drives all over Pakistan and identified & hired underground talent to be featured in Nescafe Basement, the reason they used ‘Basement’ in their name is because basements are normally used to do experiments & its done by beginners .It turned out that after 4 years Nescafe basement also gained traction from this campaign, When competing they didn’t said we are just another coke studio, they took their time and identified a ‘position’ which later become their marketing strategy.

In the connection economy your product / services itself should do you marketing & ‘positioning’ is the very first question you need to answer when starting up anything.