‘Senorita’ is a spanish word used to address unmarried girl OR women, but the above sign board is of a ‘men’s saloon’ I saw the other day  ( In Lahore ) claiming to be as girly as possible.
Imagine how lame it would sound if someone is opening up a beauty parlour with a name “Chaudhry Rasheed Beauty Parlour” Sigh…

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Another ice cream startup spent almost Rs 2 million in setting up their shop but when deciding the name all they have come up with was “ICE TECH”.

A software house can be TECH, An equipment manufacturer could be TECH, but an Ice cream shop can’t be TECH unless they have robots inside serving you the ice creams.

A few more examples

K&N’s branded their ready made ‘samosas’ as TORNADOZ ( Tornados are natural disasters )

CONCORDIA an educational startup derived their name from a super sonic plane CONCORDE , which were banned because of it’s safety & high costs issues.

The reason you have to think deeply about your business /  product name is because of  “WORLDVIEW”of your customers / prospects.

Seth Godin elaborates worldview as

“the way we acted and believed and judged before we encountered you and your story (the narrative we tell ourselves about who you are and what you do) that drive human behaviour.”

Disclaimer : Everyone has a different worldview about the products / services they use or they don’t, above are my personal judgements