Today I am going to share a story with you guys its about the people whom I care about the most, I have been involved in training since 3 years now and trained different students & freelancers in Turkey, Dubai & Pakistan.

One of the my major target audience were students from under privileged families & my task was to give boost to their self confidence, improve their communication skills, remove their inner fears and facilitate them in knowing what they are capable of.

During one of our shortlisting sessions for our workshop to be held in a Women’s College in Lahore – We put up a question in our online form

What’s your dream? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

and the response says it all, majority of the girls responded that they want to become a ‘teacher’ . it’s their only dream.

I have a lot of respect for this profession but if the majority of these young girls will end up becoming a teacher then ..

Who is going to participate and WIN gold medal for us in Olympics?

Who is going to become a mountaineer and conquer the world for us?

Who is going to become a highly paid freelancer in their field and bring Forex to our country?

Who is going to become a startup founder Or a business owner who is shipping worldwide?
I am talking about the females of our society, I spent 2 months with those great minds & I got a chance to interact with them & know more about their thoughts.

There is nothing wrong with their dreams, actually it’s with our society who believes that ‘teaching’ is most safest and respected job for our females. Imagine a girl who gets distinction in her masters in molecular biology and then starts her career in a local school for 10k per month Or a girl who has just finished her masters in fine arts but starts teaching in a school because that’s near to her home.

We could have saved those girls if we teach them that she can work on international projects and use her molecular biology knowledge & do breakthroughs in her fields, same goes to that art girl who can ship her art worldwide earning thousands of dollars. ( This is all happening if you look around)

We don’t know what ‘real’ dreams are, we are stuck. Just look at the social setup of our middle class families especially, What topics do we discuss when we sit with relatives & with our friends? what are the things we are passionate about? ( branded clothing, latest mobile) What drives us crazy that we can discuss them for hours ? ( may be a useless drama serial).

Start dreaming big is the very first thing we all need to do, Let’s break the barriers this time with full throttle…