Our country is overproducing university graduates & about 50% of them are not employed Or not part of labour force says Hafeez Pasha at recently held 31st PSDE conference in Islamabad.

On the other hand, a recent survey suggested that about 77% of the employers brands in our country are not satisfied with the quality of the graduates being produced by Universities.

So if you are thinking to secure a ‘good’ job right after graduation, in current circumstances it seems really difficult until you have a ‘big sifarish’,  & this blog post is for the people who don’t have one.

Have you noticed the GAP? overproduced graduates & unsatisfied employers

Here’s how to bridge it? ( If you really need to secure a good job after graduation)

1- Don’t just study

You have got 4 years in your bachelors, look out for conferences, exhibitions, workshops , seminars relevant to your interest, don’t just join the societies in your university also participate in their events actively and add value in whatever role you have.  Reach out the organisers of any event offer them your services as a volunteer for these events. These organisers are always looking for passionate students to help them conducting successful events & don’t worry about the remunerations you are not get paid in money every time, sometimes you are paid in ‘network’ , sometimes you are paid in ‘trust’ , so get involved in networks and start earning trust. This is the key.

2- The Internship

Once you have volunteered in a few events, your network will start giving you different options of internships ( both paid & unpaid ) decide carefully on what internship you would like to do & don’t stop volunteering continue it whenever you get a chance. Connect to more networks earn more trust.

3- The Job Offer 

While I totally admire & appreciate if you have a good GPA but unfortunately only higher GPA’s won’t take you anywhere, the survey I discussed in the beginning also suggested that about 70% of the employers don’t consider grades when hiring.

Now that you are graduated with the strategy I have mentioned above, by this time you would be having a reasonable resume with a lot of references of the people & projects you have volunteered on and the internships you have completed. It’s time to make a kickass resume & start applying for jobs ( I wrote an article on that previously , check it out )

Go & get your dream job, it’s waiting for you
Happy Graduation Guys !
~With Love & Inspiration

Sheikh Chilli