Every morning in Lahore & almost everywhere..
– A lot of people wakes up with an intent of saving money in everything they are going to buy
– Some of them wakes up with this wish that they are going to try or buy something new, that they haven’t tried before.
– A few of them wakes up with a desire of investing in something.
For a business all of the above are ‘customers segments’ & every segment requires a different story – ( if you want to sell them anything)

If you are selling something to the people who are looking to save money – you have build a story around your brand to reflect the same in your products / services. It could be packaging, customer services, ordering, shopping experience or anything that’s telling your story in better way.

Walmart is the largest discount retailer in the world & its famous in being economical in everything they sell & this message is reflected in everything they do – Above is an entrance of their store ( how simple it is), the moment someone sees that store thinks that this is where I am going to save money-

Picture Credits Slashgear.com

on the other side this is one of the entrance of an Apple store – They are different because they have a different story to tell to their customers –

It’s not your just products / services that needs to be customer focused, in fact it’s the whole eco system that you build around your product / services  that needs to be extremely focused on your target audience .

p.s the reason food business in Lahore is a mass market & a profitable one is because of a lot of people wake up in the morning with plans to have their breakfast from the famous spots as well as new ones – if your food business story resonates with hungry Lahoris – YOU WIN…