Proposal is an art, it’s tricky but its extremely exciting as well , you are going to hit a home run, you are in a process to get your dream project / client . A typical proposal has following elements. For few projects it can cover up in 3 to 4 elements – but they are highly dependant on project brief.

Here they are

  1. Greetings / Openers
  2. Addressing requirements
  3. Relevant Questions / Portfolio / References / Scope of work
  4. How you work?
  5. Why you?
  6. Your value preposition
  7. Signatures
  8. Testimonials

Openers / Greetings

Client is getting around 50 or more proposal in any project . He invests around 2 to 3 minutes max on reading the proposals that sounds / looks good to him/her ) Remember, first few lines of every proposal are super important – client is going to decide if he needs to read the 2nd paragraph of your bid Or need to switch to someone else. it’s an opportunity to you . GRAB IT !

You have to write super catchy openers to get his attention in seconds.

Try to write client’s name in the openers ( you can find his/her name in the feedbacks given to him/her for prior projects) .

Here are some openers I use while bidding– I am sure you will add more awesome ones…

  • I would love to get involved in this opportunity…
  • I am excited to bid on this project …
  • This is an amazing opportunity…
  • Thanks for your kind invitation; I am ready to offer my 5 star services etc…
  • Thanks for explaining your requirements in detail….

*it’s your time to think and add some great eye catchy openers – I am looking forward to see what you can bring on the table for all of us.

Addressing Requirements

Read every project at least 3 times & understand its requirements & propose a solution & remember make your solution super concise and to the point – remember it should be snapshot of what you are going to do for your client in order to

Relevant Questions / Portfolio / References / Scope of work

A proposal should have a conversational tone like if the client is sitting next to you & you are asking questions to him directly. What you gonna ask? so he is compelled to reply you back , do you understand his pain points exactly and making him comfortable to talk about them? can you share the similar previous project you have done for other clients? can you share the scope of that project in bullet form ( make it concise please ) – Attach relevant portfolio / references –

How you work?

There are a few clients who will be asking you this question & you need to make sure you share your work timings, ethics, environment and every thing in between some clients wants to make sure that the freelancers they are hiring are well cultured and this question says it all.

Why you?

its the most FAQ questioned by the client and most of the freelancers tackle this with standard answers – i.e I am experienced designer, I am top rated programmer etc. client is more interested to see what you can bring on his table for his project?

Here you have to highlight all those reasons which other freelancers are not talking about, any response that is standard and used by every other freelancer should be disregarded

Your Value Preposition

what are you selling apart from your services ? People don’t buy products or services they buy stories. Whats your story? please be different from a generic freelancer what extra you are offering to your clients ? write the truth your way and tell clients –


Signatures / Testimonials

Signatures are the closer of your proposals , make sure you focus on writing appealing CTA’s

Here are few closers I use as last lines in my proposal

  1. I am excited to discuss any questions you may have, we can schedule a quick call as per your availability
  2. I can’t wait to add value in your project/website/design/apps/ etc, Lets schedule a call to discuss more
  3. I am super thrilled to show you that how my 5 star services are going to help you ‘WIN’

Add slogans in your signatures , here are a few examples

Rehan Sheikh
“Bridging the GAP between you & Success”

Atif Ali
A Programmer writing flawless code

Ali Kamran
Designing interactions that matters

Usama Arshad
Bringing Traffic & Love on your websites