Upwork is changing
I remember when odesk & elance merged a few years back, I was devastated because I was running an agency profile on Elance & I was ranked among Top 5 agencies in the world in my niche ( Accounting & Finance ).

Right after the merger, it was extremely hard to get new business on upwork as its was more of a middleman’s marketplace whereas Elance was mostly used by pure business owners himself so you get paid a lot better as compared with upwork.

To remain in the game I have to let it go my agency profile having $100k earnings and I converted my agency profile to an individual & started to get work again on upwork. but still upwork was getting more spammy everyday , there were 100 proposals on an average on any project & in all those years Fiverr pulled up their game and got a chance to expand rapidly & they did really well in all those years. To this date 50% of the TOP RATED SELLERS of fiverr are from my city Lahore, Pakistan & its a huge number & WIN.

But with new CEO of upwork Stephane Kasriel things started to move in the right direction for upwork & of course for their freelancers .

1. He started ” charging ” freelancers for bidding so no more free bidding and no more spammers – as a result bids on a single project are down to 50% and only serious freelancers ( who are spending money on their every bid) are bidding on the platforms

2. He removed taking skills tests that are shown on your profile & frankly it doesn’t make any sense you can hire anyone to take those test on your behalf and get great scores.

3. Upwork is now offering 3 custom gigs right on your profile they have recently launched this feature and currently its in their beta version. but its a great addition as somehow it is competing with Fiverr gigs strategy.

I think its high time for fresh freelancers to join this portal as there is no more spam to compete with all they need to do is work on their craft and write better proposals .

With these new strategies Upwork is back in the game and I am sure it will continue to introduce new reforms & become a Top quality Freelance marketplace one day.